Seasonal Yard Cleanup

Spring and Fall are both great times to do your yard cleanup projects, with mild temperatures and weather. Everything from collecting and hauling leaves/debris, pruning of trees and bushes, plant bed maintenance, mulch service, dethatching, aerating, seeding and fertilizing.

flower beds before and after flower beds before and after

Lawn Maintenance

Contact us to get on our schedule for seasonal lawn maintenance. Not just cutting and trimming the grass…the whole yard. A typical service contract includes:

  • Lawn mowing/trimming
  • Edging of sidewalks and driveways
  • Pruning/Trimming shrubs and hedges
  • Blowing/Collecting of clippings and debris
  • Plant bed maintenance
lawn before and after lawn before and after

Aerating, Seeding, & Fertilizing

Spring and Fall packages that include aerating, seeding and fertilizing. Yards get hard and soil compacted, making it harder for your lawn to get the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and lush. Aerating is vital to loosen up the soil and to facilitate good seed to soil contact. For best results, seeding and fertilizing should be done immediately after aerating. After a strong watering routine, you’ll be seeing new grass sprouting within a couple of weeks.

seeded lawn

Leaf & Debris Removal

Your lawn needs sunlight to thrive. Over time, leaves can smother your lawn and even kill it. Piles of leaves welcome unwanted pests like snakes and yellow jackets, putting your family and pets in danger. Get scheduled to have it al collected and hauled away, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.

lawn with leaves before and after lawn with leaves before and after

Mulch Service

Natural or dyed mulches can really make your plant and flower beds look amazing. Not only does mulch look good, it also helps to hold water that is vital to your plants and flowers on those hot days. A typical mulch services includes delivering bagged or bulk mulch, pruning/trimming your plants/hedges, weeding and cleaning out the beds and laying the mulch.

yard mulch before and after yard mulch before and after

Stop spending your weekends maintaining your property.