Thank you for visiting. This is our first post, and let us start by saying that we are excited to assist you with caring for one of your most important assets, your home and business! We are going to dedicate our Blog to informing you, the customer, of not only our services, but the do’s and don’ts to keep your home looking Pristine!

A little bit about who “We” are, then we will get into our first topic. One that will no doubt save you money! Your roof!

You will see a lot of “we”, “us” and “our”, in out blogs! But, in fact, we are a small family business with local roots here in Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg. The owners of Pristine Properties, LLC (myself and my wife) know quite a bit about serving.  We both served in the Armed Forces (Marines and Army) and are a former fireman and police officer. Together, with our experience and resources, we have what it takes to get the job done, right, the first time. We have been providing the same quality service for local residents and property managers since 2003. We understand that building a client database is important, but what is most important is building a relationship with the community, and we know about service to the community. We enjoy seeing our customers while we are at our kids schools, at the grocery store or while just enjoying a night out.

We hope that you will put all your property maintenance needs in professional hands and trust that you are receiving quality service with total satisfaction at a reasonable rate.

Now on to your roof!

Do you have unsightly black stains, or even green moss growing on your roof?  Does it look like your roof has seen better days, and bringing down the look of your entire home? Are you looking at the possible expense of replacing your roof because it simply looks awful?  If you have had any of these thoughts, then stop and listen. If your roof doesn’t have any leaks or damage then the rest can be easily taken care of. We have a soft wash solution that we use to remove those black stains and moss, allowing your roof to look nearly new again. The cost difference of cleaning your roof versus replacement is substantial. Rather than replacing your roof, you can go on that vacation you have been putting off.  Let us save you thousands!